Receive packages and food safely all the way back home with Nabox.

The Norwegian company Postlogi AS has developed a unique and patented solution for safe home deliveries of parcels and food called NABOX.

Small boxes with lockable compartments are installed outside in neighborhoods for safe home deliveries. Special version for storage of fresh food.

Battery driven locks with no need for power nor web connection for code transmission. Any registered distributor and neighbor can be granted access. Apps will assign and send distinct personal access codes to relevant mobiles.

Postlogi’s vision is to revolutionize distribution of packages, and food and to become an important part of the infrastructure network of e-commerce

NABOX is proven in Norway and will be launched in the Nordic countries during 2021 together with the major courier companies.

Postlogi is seeking partnerships with regional market leaders worldwide to keep todays position asa first mover with their highly scalable concept NABOX.

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