NABOX - Small parcel boxes for the neighborhood

Postlogi has developed its own series of innovative parcel boxes with lockable compartments called NABOX.

Special, isolated version for the supply of fresh food.

Registered users of NABOX are enabled to both food and parcels delivered directly to their homes without the need of a personal signature or taking the trip to the local post office.

NABOX can be shared between neighbors and can be custoumized in terms of number and size of compartments depending on the amount of residents sharing the system.

Any forwarder can be granted access for deliveries to the same box.

Unique access codes sent to your smartphone are used as keys.

NABOX is in fact a small post office allowing returns as well.

NABOX is not dependent on electricity nor internet and built with Nordic standards making it robust against all kinds of weather.

In contrast to traditional parcel boxes usually placed at shopping centers and grocery stores, NABOX needs no control panel as it is fully operated by smart phones.